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Artist Statement

Peggy Cormary Art is dedicated to creating unique images and prints by using memories and sensory experiences. I am interested in recalling, reconstructing, and replacing significant moments. The whole process is mainly directed to preserve particular memories from the irrecoverable process of fading and decaying.  

I am also interested in showing how memories are inevitably connected to identity and roots. Especially, in the context of several geographical and cultural displacements.

I am also curious to observe the value of human senses:  sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. Mainly, how it prevails in the process of memory recollection.

To create the work I use different techniques such as double exposure and different alternative processes to manipulate images, adding layers, shadows and transparencies to emphasize a dreamlike, ephemeral feel.

In still-life paintings have also found fascinating resources, especially in the study of food and symbolism through objects. 

Lastly, colors, shadows placement and textures are my choice of elements to work with to create a cohesive body of work.

Peggy Cormary 


Peggy Cormary is a contemporary photographer and artist whose practice includes double-exposure, still-life, painting, drawing, and other alternative processes. Having lived and worked on three different continents, she strives to revisit and reinterpret her memories of these familiar places.
By evoking these memories through the use of ordinary objects and appealing to the five human senses, she creates images that are poetic, ephemeral, metaphorical and emphasize her sensitivity, curiosity, and quest for identity. 

In 2018, several of Peggy’s pieces were selected and displayed in the “new talent” exhibition of the world renowned “Les Rencontres D’Arles” Photography Festival -- an annual event founded in 1970 of more than 40 exhibitions which continue to inspire photographers and creatives worldwide. As part of the festival, she also participated in photography workshops led by artists such as Diana Lui and Olivier Metzger.


More recently, Peggy participated in “The Practice of Conceptual Photography,''a course led by Jennifer B. Thoreson whose work has been published internationally and exhibited in major galleries across the United States.  


Peggy holds a BFA in Visual Arts from the American College of the Mediterranean, in Aix-en-Provence, France.

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